Who we are

Established in 2018, Secolo is an Italian and UK based furniture brand with a desire to create iconic pieces that meet traditional tastes but with contemporary and unorthodox twists. Secolo aims to offer unique, unseen pieces of design, which despite being playful and original will naturally complement any interior.


What we do

Focusing on quality materials, Italian manufacturing and distinctive designs: SECOLO is producing furniture and accessories, which despite being playful and original will naturally complement any interior.



Made in Italy with Love.

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SECOLO Clip Lounge Chair Dark Stained Walnut - Coco E600 - Display Model

The Clip Lounge chair features two upholstered elements, a back and a base, connected by a single, visible piece of wood which sits flush with the two upholstered pieces. It gives the impression that these two elements have been clipped together by the wood piece. The wood and the upholstery of the piece can be customized.
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SECOLO Ollie Pouf Boucle Burnt Orange Floor Model

Ollie is a playful addition to a living space. Full of character, he offers a seat for one or more persons depending on the situation. Ollie is designed to move around the room and take up different positions every day, hence the legs.
$3,543.31 USD $1,771.65 USD

SECOLO Yoshida Lounge Chair Mat Walnut - Coco E601 - Display Model

The Yoshida Lounge chair is a minimal piece designed to look great from all angles. From the front, two oversized cushions seem to float, unsupported and balancing in place. From behind you see a large solid wood piece which acts as both the base and the back of the chair, containing within it the large fully upholstered seat and back.
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