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Big Basket on Base

The BIG BASKET Lounger in a twig pattern has an organic shape that creates a cozy feel. It is spacious and comfortable with ample room to relax. Great for two people - but also for sharing with kids and or your favorite ‘furry friends” (pets). It is simple and striking in its visual appeal. The pattern detail is inspired by nature and reminiscent of the veins in leaves, tree branches intersecting, the patterns in dragonfly wings, cracked soil and natural textures.
$3,869.94 USD

Brasilia Lounge Chair

Scandinavian mid-century design aesthetics and Brazilian Modernism meet on the low-lying Brasilia Lounge Chair, designed for MENU by Anderssen & Voll. The luxurious armchair-lounge chair hybrid offers unparalleled sitting comfort thanks to its robust frame and soft upholstery.
From $2,451.44 USD

Hanging Bubble

Swing chairs are made from mild steel making them very durable, they are EP coated (Environ Protected), the same treatment as used on the chassis of motorcars for rust resistance, they are also powder coated. The hanging mechanisms are supplied with chair in standard lengths ready for installation.xxxWhite Glove Delivery includes unboxing and removal of debris, it does not include mounting chair to ceiling or tree.
$2,662.40 USD

WENDELBO Coin Dining table

WENDELBO Coin Dining table - With a clear reference to it’s name, - round, - and endless loop, the circle is one of the most versatile geometric shapes. So easy to position, and so easy to posit around, and very suitable for dining and sharing. It’s like the ancient fireplace, it’s where you come together.
From $3,848.11 USD

DALLAGNESE Art Chaise Longue

DALLAGNESE Art Chaise Longue - Art is a chaise longue everyone would like in their home. Comfortable, ergonomic and essential, it is ideal anywhere in the house. Suitable for relaxing and reading, Art comes with a convenient headrest cushion.
From $3,251.62 USD

DALLAGNESE Bea Dining Chair

DALLAGNESE Bea Dining Chair - The Bea easy chair features a solid beech wood structure stained in a heat treated oak color. It is equally at home as a traditional easy chair or as an important dining room chair.
From $1,563.98 USD

DALLAGNESE Bice Lounge Chair

DALLAGNESE Bice Lounge Chair - Armchair "Bice", and matching ottoman, is the ultimate chair to relax in style and comfort. Its rounded and enveloping shape is a key design feature of this chair. In the photo it is displayed with a heat-treated oak base and leather, faux leather or a textured velvety fabric.
From $2,706.04 USD

DALLAGNESE Blade 3 Drawer Dresser

DALLAGNESE Blade 3 Drawer Dresser - Blade is a set that brings together uncluttered, formal rigour, technology and design. It comes in all the variants of matt or glossy lacquered finishes.
$2,531.46 USD

DALLAGNESE Blade 6 Drawer Chest

DALLAGNESE Blade 6 Drawer Chest - Blade is a set that brings together uncluttered, formal rigour, technology and design. It comes in all the variants of matt or glossy lacquered finishes.
$2,975.19 USD

DALLAGNESE Blade Night Stand

DALLAGNESE Blade Night Stand - Blade is a set that brings together uncluttered, formal rigour, technology and design. It comes in all the variants of matt or glossy lacquered finishes.
$1,600.35 USD

DALLAGNESE Celine Upholstered Bed

DALLAGNESE Celine Upholstered Bed - Céline is the new upholstered bed introduced by Dall’Agnese to complete its bedroom solutions. The high headboard is cozy and enriched by the special vertical stitching that distinguish it.
From $3,920.86 USD

DALLAGNESE Christal Dresser Drawers

DALLAGNESE Christal Dresser Drawers - Christal Dresser Drawers
$3,571.69 USD

DALLAGNESE Christal Night Table

DALLAGNESE Christal Night Table - Christal bedside table in oak
$1,644.00 USD

DALLAGNESE Christal Tall Dresser

DALLAGNESE Christal Tall Dresser - Christal Tall Dresser in oak
$3,477.12 USD

DALLAGNESE Comfort Upholstered Bed

DALLAGNESE Comfort Upholstered Bed - Comfort is an upholstered bed featuring a perimetral piping that perfectly defines the volume and shape of the same bed. Available in our full range of fabrics and leather.
From $4,735.58 USD

DALLAGNESE Dafne Lounge Chair

DALLAGNESE Dafne Leather Lounge Chair - Nordic design and Italian taste are the essential features of the Dafne easy chair.
From $2,800.61 USD

DALLAGNESE Debby Dining Chair Lacquered Legs

DALLAGNESE Debby Dining Chair Lacquered Legs - The Debby chair is upholstered in a diamond patterned eco-leather available in dark brown and white.
$880.19 USD

DALLAGNESE Dolly Lounge Chair

DALLAGNESE Dolly Lounge Chair - Soft removable covers and compact dimensions, as well as careful styling and proportions, are the main features of the Dolly armchair. Comfortable, discreet and particularly attractive, Dolly is at home even in small rooms, where it provides the comfort of a larger armchair.
From $2,240.49 USD

DALLAGNESE Elly Lounge Chair

DALLAGNESE Elly Lounge Chair - The Elly easy chair comprises a solid wood base in a natural knotted oak or heat treated oak finish, with a padded fabric or leather seat.
From $2,422.35 USD

DALLAGNESE Emy Dining Chair

DALLAGNESE Emy Dining Chair - Stackable chair in polypropylene.
$640.14 USD

DALLAGNESE Every Upholstered Bed

DALLAGNESE Every Upholstered Bed - Stitched edges, comfort and proportions are the essential elements of Every bed. Available also with storage box container.
From $4,495.53 USD

DALLAGNESE Flor Lounge Chair

DALLAGNESE Flor Lounge Chair - Beauty, stability, comfort and design are the features of "flor" armchair. Its rounded shape looks good in a living room, study or bedroom.
From $2,524.19 USD

DALLAGNESE Gemma Upholstered Bed

DALLAGNESE Gemma Upholstered Bed - The special edging on the headboard and the buttons are two distinguishing features of Gemma bed.
From $3,993.60 USD

DALLAGNESE Gulp Dining Armchair

DALLAGNESE Gulp Dining Armchair - The "gulp" side chair featuring a heat-treated oak frame.
From $1,353.02 USD